Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Congrats to both Jamie and Wyatt for making it through High School. Good Luck in all that you do in the future!!

American Idol

Well I am going to admit to being a fan of American Idol. I try not to get to obsessed so I try not to watch until the top 24. This year I did really good so I had no idea who anyone was. Itwas kind a nice because usually I get sucked in but there "stories". So week one comes and I watch and I know that no one is going to believe me but I liked David Cook. Seriously he was my favorite, now don't get me wrong I also like little David A. and he sure does have an amazing voice so I was glad that it came down the them in the end. I was appalled but the comments on the last show and swore that if someone (the judges) didn't apologize to David Cook I would NEVER watch again. Good thing Simon (of all people - it should have been Randy) gave me an excuse to watch again next year.

New Baby

Wanted to welcome the newest addition to the RME family. Congrats Scarlett. He sure is a cutie!!

Office FUN

A while back our office got together and took in a baseball game. I want to know who was the unlucky person that came because the DBack played horrible. We had a great time although it is still possible that I am still pulling peanuts out of my hair.
The singles
hmmmm....I think that Mark Reynolds looks pretty good in his baseball pants!!

Cody and Leyla - Sooo Cute