Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lake Powell

This year for 4th of July I had the chance to go to Lake Powell with the Flaherty's, Gonzalez's, Hall's and gang. I was just a great time. I think that other then my trip to Europe this has been one of my favorite vacations. Here are some of the over 2000 pictures that we took.

Our camp
Lone Rock
We worked hard and played harder
Everyone pitched in to help each other out. Even if you just needed a ride.

We spent the days wakeboarding, surfing, going for boat rides and having fun on the jet ski.



Michael and Carson

Tanner and Grady

Bob and Terri

Tanner and I
Cliff jumping was kinda crazy for me. At this point I now think I'm afraid of heights.

Here I'm thinking that I will quietly climb back down!

Tanner pretty much had to drag me off.

But I did it!

And I lived
There was lots to do on the beach.

Slip and Slide

Stella's favorite - climbing steps

There was volleyball, sand hill, soccer and fun in the sand!!



Kiley and I

Grady and Bob (Grady your suppose to kick the soccer ball not grandpa)

Grandy and I both learned to wake board on the trip. We both attended The Brett and Tanner Flaherty Wakeboarding School. They were great teachers. Grady also had so great help from his Dad and Grandpa!! Grady was awesome!!

I have really learned to love my camera and feel like I can take a pretty good action shot now!

Thanks guys for taking me with you. It was such a great trip!!