Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

Home from the vet

Macie came home today after visiting the vet. She got one of her claws taken off and was also spayed. She is doing good but I thought her little bandages were cute.

Welcome Baby Max

I was really excited to go visit Garrett, Adele and Max on the day he was born. I can't wait to start spoiling him!! What a cutie!

New closet needed!!

After I returned home from Dr. Frost's house it wasnt' to long before I heard a loud crash coming from my room and this is what I found!
Good thing my dad can help me fix this.

New closet needed!!

Dog Sitting

Macie and I went to stay at my bosses house and watch there two dogs, Pepper and Cozie. We had a great time. Macie loves to play and make friends fast. She also had a great time at Kim's house while I was gone to Texas. Click here to read about her adventure.


I was able to go and visit my good friend Heather for about 6 days. We had a great time doing projests, visit with her family and the best was going to Canton, TX. I had a great time can't wait to go back next October. I will post more of our projects soon.

Monday, September 28, 2009


So Macie is officially my very own child. Tonight I thought she was chewing on a white raw hide bone but instead it was white chewed gum that she got out of the trash. I had to cut off her hair all around her face so now she looks lopsided and not as cute. It was pretty funny to watch her after she got her mouth stuck together. There was NO laughter after that point. The picture really doesn't do it justice. Good thing she really is good most of the time.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Uncovered Blessings

Many Adventure's at RME

You know I look back on my life sometimes and I see things that have truly shaped who I am today both good and bad. I try not to get to caught up in some of my dumb choices and focus on the positive. I have worked at RME now for 7 years and it has truly been a great blessing in my life. These past 7 years have been a very difficult time in my personal live. I have struggled with the church and knowing exactly who I am and where I fit in. I have been learning to live with some disappointments that I never expected to live with. But through all these times I have had a truly great place go to. Most of us who have to work tend to spend a lot of time there whether by choice or by need. I have 2 wonderful active members of the church as my bosses. They both show in everyday actions there love and desire to serve the Lord and have truly been a great example to me. Another, one of the things that I am truly grateful for is the different co-workers that I have had. I have watched many come and go and many of them have been great examples to me in my life.(and still are) They haven't judged me but have listened and been supportive through there actions and friendship. They have been my support and connection to the church these last few years as I have made a personal choice to keep my distance. They have helped me over come bitterness and learn to look once again to the Savior, the atonement and the gospel for answers. When my faith has been truly shaken they that helped me see that our Heavenly Father is looking out for me and loves me as an individual. This has ended up a lot more personal that I have first intended but felt that I needed to express how thankful I am for such a great blessing in my life and the many wonderful friends that I have around me.

Me, Jenny and Christy

Jenny one of these amazing people that I have been talking about has moved on to a new adventure in her life. Most of the others that have left have stayed close by and I have been able to see them from time to time. I wanted to say good luck to her and Chris on their move to California for dental school. Jenny you are a wonderful and true friend and I feel blessed to have had you around these last few years. Thank you for all you have done for me and don't for get to call me when you are in town so that we can meet up for a strawberry cupcake at sprinkles!!!!

P.S. Good luck at USC (Go UofA)

New Puppy

Some of you may or may not know that I have been debating for about 2 years if I should get a dog. I have gone back and forth and as you know that when you throw things out there everyone has an opinion about what you should and shouldn't do. Which is good because I think that I was well prepared for my new adventure. Well when I went to Texas to visit Heather I would get so excited when we would get back to her house to see the dogs. I was always getting in trouble by Heather because I would get them all worked up. Well Mom Mac kept telling me that I should get a puppy. In fact when she called to say bye to me I miss her call because I was already on the plane. Here I was sitting waiting to deplane and I turned my phone on. I was a little depressed because I had had such a great trip and I love Heather family so much. I truly made my day when I got her message. The last thing she said was that I should get a puppy. I started looking in the paper and found the cutest Shih tuz puppies ever. So one day after work Leyla and I went to go take a look and here is what I found when I got there...
Who could say no to such a cute little face. The girls at my work (and there husbands) helped me name her and we came up with Macie Mae. It has been a great change for me. Even my boss who I could tell was not to keen on the idea now tells me it was the best decision I made. Thanks Leyla for helping me pick her out and a big thanks to Heather and Mom Mac for finally talking me into it.


In June I went to see Heather in Texas. We had a great time and before I left started planning my next trip out to visit. I am going during football season so that I can see what all of the fuss is all about...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Update at last...

I haven't updated in a while and it seems the longer I put it off then the more things happen and then I never want to update. So as I remember things in the next few days I am going to post them so in other words they are going to me out of order.

In April I did the Pat Tillman run with member of my work. We had a great time and I did horrible but I really felt like I did something great!

Me, Rhonda, Dr. Frost, some guy, Ash and T

Ash, T and I

In June the girls at my work organized a recipe night. It was a lot of fun. We are brought something to share and 10 recipes to exchange which ment we all went home with 120 new recipes. It was a great way to get new ideas for things to cook which I think is by far harder then actually cooking.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Who is this guy?

This is Sean Miller, head coach for the University of Arizona Wildcat. The Lute Olson area has ended and a new one has begun. I think this ended up being a great hire. GO CATS!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

How SWEET it is!

Good luck in the Sweet Sixteen! Budinger, Hill and Wise you all deserve it. Go CATS!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Wedding, A haircut and a baby...

So I have been pretty busy the last few weeks. One of my great friends at my office got married. Congrats Ashley and Bryce!! This isn't the best picture but I was glad to be able to help them celebrate. They have both been so good at including me and my singleness in there activities. I wish them nothing but the best.

I decided that I was ready for a change with my hair. It took me a while but I finally got sick of all of the hair on the bathroom floor and there is no one to blame but myself. So I went to see Savannah and she did a great job. Not to short so I would be tramatized but short enough to have a change. This also isn't the best picture but...

And last but not least I have to welcome Stella Page to the world (name could be subject to change) Congrats Kiley and Mike she is an angel.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

25 random things

I posted this on my facebook today but thought it would double as a blog post.

1. I love numbers.
2. I never go to work with my shoes tied. I'm not sure what this is all about but I do it.
3. I talk to myself. Mostly I do this in front of others so then its not weird right?!
4. I love my job. Most days I can't wait to get to work to see all of my friends and hear about there night and/or weekend.
5. I love to travel. I haven't done much lately but it is my passion.
6. I can't spell at all. I blame this completely on spell check because I always got 100% on my spelling tests in school.
7. I love sports. I don't really even have a favorite anymore except I hate tennis. GO CATS, CARDS, B-BACKS, SUNS, etc. I can't wait for March Madness and Pitcher and Catcher report today for spring training. LOVING LIFE!!
8. I call my parents everyday on my way home from work. I get really annoyed when people take up MY TIME with them.
9. I love to bake. I like to cook to but baking is the best and probably why I currently have a weight problem.
10. I hate to shop. Seriously I would like to do anything else. I especially don't like it when I have to find something specific.
11. I love TV. Enough said.
12. I don't like to be late and can't stand when others are late. It is just rude. Don't get me wrong things happen it is those people that you always find yourself waiting for that drive my crazy.
13. I love to laugh... and I can admit I love when people think I'm funny.
14. I get too passionate about things. In other words I get on my soap box to much sometimes. I am working on this.
15. I love to read. However it drives me crazy to not know the end of things so I end up reading until all hours of the night or until I pass out from exhaustion.
16. I can't stand it when people were jeans to wedding receptions. Come on people you can't put on a skirt or a pair of slacks. REALLY
17. I don't like picking out what to wear. Good thing I wear scrubs to work everyday the decision becomes easy.
18. I can be a picky eater. I think that I am alot better then I used to be. I find that I do better if I try things and then find out what it is.
19. I love the seasons of the year. Summer is my least favorite therefore I have decided to live in Mesa where there are only two seasons, HOT and not hot. Go figure.
20. I'm not very patient. I Lord is helping me with this one.
21. I really enjoy history. Especially when I travel.
22. I love candy. This was a huge problem in Europe.
23. I enjoy a hot bath at least once a week. I helps me relax.
24. I worry about everything. Seriously you name it I have or are currently worrying about it. This is why I need the hot bath.
25. I am not a morning person. I can stay up all night but I like to sleep in.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Hope everyone tunes in and cheers on the Cardinals this Sunday. I think this is the 1st year I'm not watching for the commercials. I have really enjoyed following the Cardinals this year. Now don't get me wrong, I thought I was going to pull all of my hair out at Thanksgiving and a few games there after (patriots, vikings). But they have some great players and I sure hope they do well. Heck I'm already nervous and it is only Tuesday. GO CARDS!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Heather's Visit and the new year

Welcome to 2009!! To be honest I was glad to see 2008 go and I must say so far so good for the new year. I made some New Years Resolutions. Who knows where those will lead. The one I will share with everyone is my goal to start running. I want to do a half marathon by the end of the year. It is a lofty goal so I am starting out with the Pat Tillman run on April 18th. I'll let you know if I make it the whole 4.2 miles. I have convience the girls at my office to do it with me so maybe I will actually go through with it. Well see.
Here are a few pictures from when my good friend Heather came to visit the first weekend in January. Sorry Ohio State lost (in the fiesta bowl) but I was great to see her. I guess it is my turn to go to Texas.
Girls Lunch

Christine, Heather and I watching the Cardinals game