Monday, January 25, 2010

My Dress for Stella

So I decided that I wanted to start a new sewing project. It was raining last week so I wanted to stay in and work on a project. I do already have about 10 projects in my project closet but none of those would do. I recently discovered that they have fabric at Scrapbooks etc now and it is so cute. I decided that I wanted to make little girl dresses. Go figure as I have no children and no nieces but I do have lots of friends that have them. So I asked my good friend Kiley if her little girl could be my model because I knew she would be honest with me and we would still be friends if it didn't work out so well. Well what do you think? Isn't my model the cutest? Can't wait to start on my next one. Any requests?

Friday, January 8, 2010


For New Years I had a great time with Kiley and her family. The Flaherty's took me in this holiday season and made is the best I have had in along time. I owe them great thanks for including me. I had a fun time ringing in the New Year. And on New Years Day I tagged along to the following:



A Great start to 2010! Happy New year to all!

Christmas Party

This year at RME we had an amazing work party. The doctors and there wives suprised us with a super fun White Elephant Game. This is what I went home with:

It was a great suprize and so much fun. I have the best job ever!!

Side Job

So the first weekend in December I got hired to help Terri Flaherty and her girls with a wedding. I didn't know what to expect going in to it but new it would be fun and a chance to earn a bit of Christmas money. So she was in charge of all the food and decorations for a wedding reception. I new that I was dealing with talented people but after all was done was able to feel a bit of pride in all that we were able to do (me being a very small part of the process) I have never in my life seen such amazing flowers at a wedding. The food turned out amazing too. Here is a sample of what one of the centerpieces looked like. To see more click here.


So for Thankgiving this year we went to Snowflake instead of the the Mortensen Cabin. We missed the cabin but still enjoyed being together as a family.
Games are always on the agenda
The star of Thanksgiving MAX

cute centerpiece

Adele pulls out the creativity in the family

before dinner dishes


Thumbs up from Cole

After Thanksgiving Nap

Macie playing Mexican Train