Friday, July 8, 2011

April - The twins

In April my sweet friend Jenny can to town for a visit with these little guys.

The Olson Twins

I have no idea who is who but one of these cuties is Steston and the other is Reddek. It was so fun to get to see Jenny and the boys.  I sure do miss her around the office. But she went out and found a great job, being a mom to these handsome boys. So happy for Jenny and Chris. 

Claire Kelly

Also in March I was able to attend the blessing of Claire Kelly Mortensen.  Garrett and Adele sure do have cute kids.  I pretty much have to make Max like me every time that I get to see him so I guess I need to visit more.  It has been great having Garrett and his grown family close by.  Congrats on the new baby!!

The whole family!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


In March I got invited to Big Bear to go snowboarding. Do I snowboard? Well no. I guess its time to try it out. Michael, Kiley, Grady, Matt, Tanner and I all piled into Gonzalez expedition and off we went with all are gear. I am lucky to have had the Frost loan me some gear so I didn't have to rent any.

The Gang

Grady and I were off to Boarding School and the big kids went off for some adult runs. Grady and I had a good time at school and we learned some of the basics. I learn that I'm older than my mind thinks that I am. After lunch we all headed up the mountain and I tried to get down the mountain. Tanner was bound and determined to teach me to use my toe side and my heal side and I'll me honest I just couldn't get it and I so wanted to quit. But off I went with tanner helping me down the mountain.

March madness was going on during the week we were there so after a day on the mountain off we went to check up on our brackets. The next day Tanner, Kiley and Matt were my coaches. They were great I felt like I kinda got the hang of it for a bit. One run that Matt, Kiley and I took I was actually doing pretty good when we passed by this girl sitting on the ground crying. Kiley stopped to see if she could help and when she caught up to Matt and I she was carrying the girls board. I felt a small sense of accomplishment that I hadn't gotten to the point of walking down the mountain yet.

Grady did awesome and went home $7 dollars richer for his 7 perfect runs. He was up and down that run a ton of time and completely showed me up. We had a great time on our trip.


February didn't bring many new things. I get a year older and was able to celebrate my birthday with friends and family. The Flaherty gang took me to BJ's to eat and to a movie. We as Just Go With It and enjoyed some great laughs. I need to take my camera more places but don't seem to have it on have when I want it. So no picture for this month. I did however help out with a wedding with Teri, Tami and gang. I have really enjoyed my time helping out. It is hard work. Harder work then I ever thought. Going to a reception you really have no idea what goes into it. Being on the other side has helped appreciate how hard it really is to put together. Here are a couple picture from Allen wedding. Teri and Tami are amazing

Check out all of Terri's amazing weddings at her blog by clicking here.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I know that I haven't posted in what seems like forever. I have had a lot going on the last few weeks so I figured that I would try to catch up a bit.

In December I started training for a 10K. I hate running. It is something that I really want to enjoy so I keep trying to make myself like it. I told Krista that I really wanted to do London's Run in January. I knew if I let her in on my little secret that she would push me to actually do it. So off I went walking more then running and for me it was really hard. I push through it and Krista was such good support. Christy a good friend from work just keep telling me that I really could do it. She would always tell me good job after my longer runs and I felt like she was so proud of me. They really helped me stick to it. On the day before the race I sooo wanted to back out. Krista came and was with me for every step even though I'm sure that she could have lapped me - that is how slow I am. My boss, Steve Frost, his wife Rhonda and there friend Noel also did the 10K. Donnie Flaherty, her mom and her friend Rachel did the 1/2 marathon they of course rocked it. And Grady and Michael Gonzalez did the 2 mile fun run. It ment so much to me that Kiley and Family, Mindi and family - Dr. Frost and Rhonda were there to greet me when I made it to the end. I know there were others that they were there to see as well but in my mind it was for me and reminded me what great and supportive friends i have been blessed with.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Party

So Christmas came to RME on Thursday. We senp our Christmas evening at the Frost's home and had some delicious food from Tia Rosa's. Yummy. After dinner is when the fun begins. Our amazing bosses get us amazing gifts. How do you know what you are going to go home with? We play the typical white elephant gift exchange rules. Let see if I can remember what everyone went home with. Kiley - cute gray purse; Ashely - DSI and Games; Kim S - 32" HD LCD TV; Danie - Ipod Touch; Dr. Hamberlin - XBox and Connect; Amanda - perfume, makeup, brush sets; Christy - Ipad; Kim - 2 DS's; Ali - coach purse and camera; Dr Frost - Michael Kors watch; Dr. Blethen - Prada Sunglasses; Angie - will and extra controller; Chelsea - Ugg boots. See below I am now the proud owner of ... (thanks Christy) Thanks to the Drs for making RME such a great place to work and for being so generous! Thanks to Rhonda for opening her home to us and all the gift wrapping time you gave up!!
All of the cute presents
It is a lot of pressure
Kim (angie and Stu not sure how I missed them)
Kim and Pat
Ali and Jeremy
Dr. Blethen and Amanda
Danie and Ashley
Ashley and Bryce
Chelsea and Ridge
Christy and Chris

At the end I went home with this cool Ipad
The girls!!
The whole gang!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lake Powell

This year for 4th of July I had the chance to go to Lake Powell with the Flaherty's, Gonzalez's, Hall's and gang. I was just a great time. I think that other then my trip to Europe this has been one of my favorite vacations. Here are some of the over 2000 pictures that we took.

Our camp
Lone Rock
We worked hard and played harder
Everyone pitched in to help each other out. Even if you just needed a ride.

We spent the days wakeboarding, surfing, going for boat rides and having fun on the jet ski.



Michael and Carson

Tanner and Grady

Bob and Terri

Tanner and I
Cliff jumping was kinda crazy for me. At this point I now think I'm afraid of heights.

Here I'm thinking that I will quietly climb back down!

Tanner pretty much had to drag me off.

But I did it!

And I lived
There was lots to do on the beach.

Slip and Slide

Stella's favorite - climbing steps

There was volleyball, sand hill, soccer and fun in the sand!!



Kiley and I

Grady and Bob (Grady your suppose to kick the soccer ball not grandpa)

Grandy and I both learned to wake board on the trip. We both attended The Brett and Tanner Flaherty Wakeboarding School. They were great teachers. Grady also had so great help from his Dad and Grandpa!! Grady was awesome!!

I have really learned to love my camera and feel like I can take a pretty good action shot now!

Thanks guys for taking me with you. It was such a great trip!!