Sunday, July 3, 2011


February didn't bring many new things. I get a year older and was able to celebrate my birthday with friends and family. The Flaherty gang took me to BJ's to eat and to a movie. We as Just Go With It and enjoyed some great laughs. I need to take my camera more places but don't seem to have it on have when I want it. So no picture for this month. I did however help out with a wedding with Teri, Tami and gang. I have really enjoyed my time helping out. It is hard work. Harder work then I ever thought. Going to a reception you really have no idea what goes into it. Being on the other side has helped appreciate how hard it really is to put together. Here are a couple picture from Allen wedding. Teri and Tami are amazing

Check out all of Terri's amazing weddings at her blog by clicking here.

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