Sunday, July 3, 2011


In March I got invited to Big Bear to go snowboarding. Do I snowboard? Well no. I guess its time to try it out. Michael, Kiley, Grady, Matt, Tanner and I all piled into Gonzalez expedition and off we went with all are gear. I am lucky to have had the Frost loan me some gear so I didn't have to rent any.

The Gang

Grady and I were off to Boarding School and the big kids went off for some adult runs. Grady and I had a good time at school and we learned some of the basics. I learn that I'm older than my mind thinks that I am. After lunch we all headed up the mountain and I tried to get down the mountain. Tanner was bound and determined to teach me to use my toe side and my heal side and I'll me honest I just couldn't get it and I so wanted to quit. But off I went with tanner helping me down the mountain.

March madness was going on during the week we were there so after a day on the mountain off we went to check up on our brackets. The next day Tanner, Kiley and Matt were my coaches. They were great I felt like I kinda got the hang of it for a bit. One run that Matt, Kiley and I took I was actually doing pretty good when we passed by this girl sitting on the ground crying. Kiley stopped to see if she could help and when she caught up to Matt and I she was carrying the girls board. I felt a small sense of accomplishment that I hadn't gotten to the point of walking down the mountain yet.

Grady did awesome and went home $7 dollars richer for his 7 perfect runs. He was up and down that run a ton of time and completely showed me up. We had a great time on our trip.

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