Thursday, June 16, 2011


I know that I haven't posted in what seems like forever. I have had a lot going on the last few weeks so I figured that I would try to catch up a bit.

In December I started training for a 10K. I hate running. It is something that I really want to enjoy so I keep trying to make myself like it. I told Krista that I really wanted to do London's Run in January. I knew if I let her in on my little secret that she would push me to actually do it. So off I went walking more then running and for me it was really hard. I push through it and Krista was such good support. Christy a good friend from work just keep telling me that I really could do it. She would always tell me good job after my longer runs and I felt like she was so proud of me. They really helped me stick to it. On the day before the race I sooo wanted to back out. Krista came and was with me for every step even though I'm sure that she could have lapped me - that is how slow I am. My boss, Steve Frost, his wife Rhonda and there friend Noel also did the 10K. Donnie Flaherty, her mom and her friend Rachel did the 1/2 marathon they of course rocked it. And Grady and Michael Gonzalez did the 2 mile fun run. It ment so much to me that Kiley and Family, Mindi and family - Dr. Frost and Rhonda were there to greet me when I made it to the end. I know there were others that they were there to see as well but in my mind it was for me and reminded me what great and supportive friends i have been blessed with.